Our Story

Our Story

Biira Safali Naume a mother to Mubunga Hannington was a peasant hard working lady who used to make juice out of Musa banana plant using traditional method. The juice was sold to different local markets every Wednesday and Saturday in order to get school fees for the 5 children. This was the only way to educate them. It was a hectic work because sometimes the musa banana could not ripe or they could go bad counting losses. selling juice during bad weather one could count losses since customers could drink it during dry season. The juice was so sweet like honey and most of the customers who used to buy they could call it Hannie juice. she was a very kind lady that she could help the very poor in the village with food whenever she harvests her beans, potatoes, onions, matooke, groundnuts, millet etc.
This is fair trade will help the poor cocoa farmers to earn a living.


from selling the juice, the old lady became a hero she educated all the five children from selling the sweet Hannie banana juice.

Unfortunately, Hannington’s mother died of cancer before seeing his children graduating this was the trying moment of peasant juicer maker dieing before enjoying the fruits of the children.

Being born in juice making family, and having worked in a cocoa exporting company. Hannington came up with a dream of making Hannie juice from cocoa such that he continues with the work of late mum that she was doing. This prompted Hannington to make a research on how to make chocolate from scratch to represent the sweet juice that old lady was making. This was the Beginning of Hannie chocolate representing the Honey juice The Hannie juice that is now used as brand name of Hannie chocolate as well as company name.

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